Minister's Message

Dear Friends,

I admire the patience of the Wildlife photographer. She has to deal with the frustration of trying to capture a constantly-moving subject. Rarely, if ever, does nature become ‘still life’.  The vagaries of the British weather and the unpredictability of bird, beast and bug would have all but the most placid of us pulling out our hair.  Even a successful photograph can only ever record a fleeting glimpse of something bright and beautiful before it moves on its way. Long after the picture is framed, the subject is growing, feeding, breeding and sleeping, entirely independent of our interest.

When Moses asked God for His name, the reply came, “I am who I am” or, perhaps more accurately, “I will be whatever I will be”.  We cannot capture God, tame Him, confine Him, or redefine Him.  The images we are given through the Bible, and our own experiences, can only ever be snapshots of the Creator of the cosmos, the Lord of time and eternity.  He will always be whatever He will be.

However, the author of the New Testament letter we call ‘Hebrews’ reminds us that, if we wish to see a portrait of God, we need look no further than Jesus Christ:


‘The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word.’

It is in the person and work of Jesus Christ that we find an image of the God who calls us to have faith in His power to love, heal, forgive and restore.  If you’ve never seen His portrait, carefully and accurately framed by the New Testament writers, find a Bible and take a look at the gospel of John !